“Cooking Up A Future”

IMG_7045Chef J. Scott, Atlanta’s youngest Professional Licensed Chef, was born in Philadelphia, PA to Cindy Berry and William J. Scott. He was inspired to become a chef, while in high school (Frankford High School) when he met world renowned Chef/Educator, Wilma Stephenson. Chef Stephenson inspired Chef Scott to turn his life around, and she was responsible for the realization of his true talent: cooking and culinary arts.Chef Stephenson’s guidance resulted in Chef Scott competing in the “Best Teen Chef of Philadelphia” at the age of 16. Chef Stephenson also gave him an opportunity to star in his first feature film, Pressure Cooker.  This critically acclaimed film, based in Philadelphia, demonstrated how Chef Stephenson’s passion results in life changes for those lucky enough to succeed in her culinary arts program.   The film highlights the hard work, dedication, and desire to achieve demanded of Chef Stephenson’s students.

Chef Scott’s desire to learn culinary arts, his hard work ethic and undeniable talent, resulted not only in his success in Chef Stephenson’s program, but he was able to attain significant scholarship support, which allowed him to pursue his dream in culinary arts.Immediately after graduating from Frankfort high school, Chef Scott relocated to Atlanta, GA to attend the prestigious Culinary Arts program at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

Chef Scott was blessed with the opportunity to attend the program on a full scholarship from Dr. Richard Grausman’s C-CAP foundation (New York, New York). Chef Scott found another lifelong mentor in Dr. Grausman. Although the Culinary Arts program is competitive, Chef Scott’s persistence, unrelenting work ethic, and his dedication to culinary arts, resulted in him graduating from the program and becoming the youngest Professional Licensed Chef in Atlanta, GA.

Chef Scott, a bachelor, currently lives in Atlanta, where he has been successful in managing his career to include Executive Chef opportunities and personal catering. Always the entrepreneur, he is currently working on numerous endeavors including, the production of his reality cooking show, writing his first cookbook, creating a food blog, and establishing several celebrity clients. In the future, Chef Scott plans to open his own fine eatery establishment, where the menu will be a fusion of some of America’s most popular dishes. The dishes included on the menu will reflect some of the most popular dishes that people usually have to travel to other states to enjoy. An avid traveler, Chef Scott wants to ensure that people do not have to travel to various locations to enjoy some of their favorite dishes; instead they will be able to enjoy them in their home city of Atlanta, GA.

Given the strong influence of his mentors, Chef Stephenson and Dr. Grayseman, Chef Scott strongly believes “to whom much is given, much is required”. Therefore, in his free time he volunteers at local schools and the Boys and Girls club in Atlanta, where he teaches children/teenagers to cook, and he exposes them to various career opportunities in the culinary arts. Chef Scott’s ‘pay it forward’ values are well received by students, as many of them ask him to be their mentor.

In addition to his mentors, Jerome gives thanks to his Grandfather John Berry, Sr. “Pop” for being responsible for the respectable and well-groomed man that he is today.

Chef J. Scott ‘s tag line “try my style of cooking” is gaining popularity across his ever-growing fan base and supporters!

We encourage you to visit Chef’s website often in order to keep up-to-date with his most recent developments, including his soon to be released food blog!




ChefJScott from Rebel Star Media on Vimeo.